Latest news on CaTRo VTM project

Under CaTRo project we assist to TCO and TenizService with installation of all types of wireless communications along the marine channel, with installation of meteorogical stations, with provision and startup of vessels tracking system. Nowadays, our company is on the horizon of main activities completion.

In particular 2 offshore marine platforms were fabricated, installed and equipped with communication systems, with power generation – solar batteries and wind generators, with birdscarer system and few others.

70 meters communications tower was manufactured, erected and passes the commissioning phase these days. The erection of the tower took place during harsh weather conditions of 2017-2018 winter and the schedule was met despite these circumstances.

Few weeks left till startup of control room, which will manage vessels tracking along the whole channel, and all the supporting systems including pilot communications, navigation system, surveillance and others.

Works keep on in accordance with set schedule. Few hundred documents are already prepared and cover all aspects of the project. Maximum quantity of Kazakhstan subcontractors are engaged in the project. AVENCOM applies the highest standards and practices in its activities and it helps the company keep up the reputation of the reliable contractor and partner in this one of the challenging and complex projects for our country. For other information about the project please click on http://www.tenizservice.kz/en/our-projects/the-objects-sold/