AVENCOM has been awarded the Vessel Traffic Management system contract from TenizService LLP for the Cargo Transportation Route (CaTRo).

TenizService LLP is developing a cargo transportation route ("CaTRo") for opening the north-eastern part of the Caspian Sea to deliver modules and other cargo. The purpose of the CaTRo is, to enable development and cargo delivery to various shores, near shore and off shore oil and gas fields in the region. CaTRo comprises a Marine Channel, a Cargo Offloading Facility (COF) and a haul road to transport modules, connecting, among other places, the COF with Tengiz. The Cargo Storage Facility (CSF) is designed for the storage of cargo and materials and as a support base for cargo transportation operations.

The Marine Channel consists of a 74km long channel, 61.0m wide and 4.8m deep. The channel has four (4) contingency waiting places along its length. The channel terminates into a turning basin of 300m diameter which allows maneuvering and access to the COF berths.

AVECOM scope of work includes design, supply, delivery, installation supervising and commissioning of the VTM system. VTM system consists of Navigational Safety System (NSS), Communication and Surveillance System (CSS), Marine Environmental Monitoring System (MES), two marine platforms to accommodate AIS and VHF repeater stations, 70 meters communication tower and VTM control room.