Distributed Fiber Optic Acoustic and Temperature Sensors

AVENCOM has been involved in several projects that have required the use of fiber optic sensors and optical signal processing since 2003. 

Distributed fiber optic sensing has unique features that leave it far ahead of other sensing technologies in some particular fields. The ability to measure temperatures and strain at thousands of points along a single fiber is particularly interesting for the monitoring of elongated structures such as pipelines, flow lines, oil wells, and pipe racks.

In the Oil and Gas industry distributed acoustic/vibration sensors and distributed temperature sensors are used in the following applications:

  • Pipeline Intruder Detection and Third Party Interference Detection;
  • Downhole distributed flow measurement and monitoring in wells;
  • Pipeline Leak Detection;
  • Pig Tracking;
  • Production area perimeter control;
  • Hot spot detection in high-power cables.