Happy Birthday «AVENCOM»!

The birthday of the company is the time to sum up and announce progress. The event marking the 19th anniversary of the company was planned and executed in «Park Hotel», hotel complex in Uralsk, on May 1, 2014.

In that time our assistants in event planning («ENOT» production, Russia, Samara) provided an opportunity to go to «AVENCOM PICTURES» studio for all company employees. Initially suspecting nothing, all in attendance became world movie stars and the main characters on the set of the following films: «Unusual Match», «The Bremen Town Musicians» and «Dog in Boots». The opening of the event began with an old movie ceremonial - breaking of the plate in honor of the beginning of the shooting day. An integral part of the event was sport (football, volleyball, darts and boccia competitions) and many other pleasant surprises. Throughout the day, an artist drew a colorful cartoon for all who wanted one.

As part of the tradition of the company day, the results of 2013 were  summarized where guests and company employees heard about achievements and other interesting projects.

A ceremonial moment is the annual awards for leaders and the honouring of the  company`s veterans. Valuable gifts for tourism and gold  medals for veterans were presented. 

Pleasant surprises awaited guests and company employees at the festive banquet, where all of a sudden movies shot during the day were shown. The gems of the holiday were our guests from Samara – dance group "Indigo" and musical group "Old Third". As in elite sport,  the  teams that took part  were given the following places: 1 (Tornado), 2 (Salute), 3 (Meteor), 4 (Streamer). It means that friendship won. During the banquet all the pieces of the plate were picked up, symbolizing that together we constitute a whole – AVENCOM.

 Kuspaeva M.